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product features:
Applicable door thickness: 34.35 ~ 37, 37 ~ 39.40, 41 ~ 43mm Installation distance: 64mm. Applicable madter key: MK, ggmk Reinforced lock tongue design: the push strength and side pressure resistance of the lock tongue are more than 10000 n, which has the effective strength to resist the destructive attack such as lever nail lifter At the same time, high-temperature quenching parts are also used inside the lock tongue, which also has high resistance to cutting attack. Divided into about models, it has passed the strict anti-theft CP certification. It is designed according to the building standard (the combustion resistance of specific fire protection equipment needs to reach 1 hour). The lock cylinder is fixed in the lock box. In case the handle is illegally removed, the lock cylinder is still fixed in the lock box, which has a high degree of safety protection.

table of technical parameters:
equipment model GP-PVKJ-5GOR
product installation or operation instructions: 12