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President's speech:

Since its establishment in 2007 we has always taken “Enjoying the life intellectually, and taking the intellectual life” as the enterprise philosophy! Keytex has established deep relations with Japan's Nitto Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan Jianhe Commercial Co., Ltd. and Japan ace Industry Co., Ltd!

We introduced Japanese most advanced products or components, and have developed the Chinese market! In the meanwhile we cooperates with Japan Jianhe Commercial Co., Ltd. to export Chinese advanced products to 60 overseas countries and regions. The integration of production and marketing has been set up. By the efforts of all members we have obtained orders of many large building facades, epidemic prevention,and also obtained:

The national high-tech enterprise in 2017 / 2020;

Panyu science and Technology Award in 2020;

Broadcasted on CCTV-7in March 2021;

Today is the era of intelligence and the beginning of quality life. We are willing to work with people all over the world to create a wonderful future! It’s our mission that making intelligent and high life enter every family! It’s the company’s pursuits that health and safety come to the human being.