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Please pay attention Keytex!

CCTV 7 broadcast the news of Keith company

Strength wins trust, and kitamis sterilization and disinfection products are born in the face of the times

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Keytex was honored on CCTV's old story channel

Guangzhou Keytex Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was officially shortlisted in the CCTV old story channel "brand traceability" column. Guangzhou Keytex Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. bases on Japanese characteristic gating hardware, take the most advanced and branded gated hardware products and technologies into China meeting the increasingly international needs of the Chinese market and domestic customers. Products are widely used in the major landmark buildings in China, such as New CCTV building, Shanghai World Expo, China National Museum, Shanghai Global Financial Center, Guangzhou West Tower, the East Tower, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing Yanqi Lake, Hangzhou G20, Xiamen BRICS, Xi'an Silk Road Exhibition, Beijing301, Hainan 301, etc. The high-end building hardware, intelligent automation bring the ultimate feeling of quality life to the Chinese people. The brand traceability column group went into Guangzhou Keytex Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., and saw many Keytex’s star products, among which "disinfection machine" was focused on. The disinfection equipment" is our company’s key products to purify air ,and the air sterilization disinfection and deodorization purifier can release 50 million negative ions/cm3, effectively remove methane, sterilize by Ozone, and purify air, etc. The machine bring to people a "mobile forest" by the small body. Wang Wenfeng the founder of Guangzhou Keytex Automation Equipment Co., LTD. introduced to us that the brand concept advocated by Keytex is "intelligent life, smart life", in the advent of 5G era, to open a new lifestyle of people with intelligence, so that people can live a healthy quality life, The original intention of being an enterprise is to first consider the social responsibility of the enterprise and bring convenience to the people's life.

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