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product features:
Active oxygen water = universal water, which has the effect of sterilization, decontamination and softening. You can use keytex active oxygen water processor to clean clothes, remove residual pesticides in melons and fruits, clean and disinfect tableware, disinfect toilets and remove odor, etc., saving time, labor, water and electricity. The technology imported from Japan and the dual core technology (composite filter element + ultrafiltration membrane) are adopted. The filter element can be used for one year to meet the water demand of the whole family. The filtration accuracy is 0.01 micron, and it is easy to remove bacteria, molds, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, fertilizers and additives. Japanese technology, Seiko manufacturing, multi-purpose, powerful and intelligent purification

table of technical parameters:
equipment model KTO3-HO1
product installation or operation instructions: 11