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product features:
The password can be set with the key, which is simple and convenient. Pure mechanical password lock, no electrical wiring, no battery, simple installation. High quality cylindrical square tongue spring latch can firmly lock the door all the time. A reverse push door hook is installed to prevent the spring latch from pushing back. The excellent durability mechanical device has passed more than 400000 comprehensive action tests. 15 buttons can be used to combine memory numbers, and more than 32768 memory numbers can be selected. You can code at will, and any memory number can be entered in any order. The slippage device can disable the attack and destruction from the outside. The specially processed stainless steel button will not leave any traces of use. Emergency type: no matter whether it is locked or not, you can go out freely from the room without entering the memory number.

table of technical parameters:
equipment model K423CM
product installation or operation instructions: 123