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Company Introduction

Guangzhou Keytex Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, which is a professional company specializing in the production and sales of maglev automatic doors, ordinary automatic door equipment and door hardware, the first enterprise engaged in the sales of maglev intelligent doors in China , and the first company in China to introduce the concept distinction between household automatic doors and commercial automatic doors.

We take “Enjoying the life intellectually, and taking the intellectual life” as the company’s main idea, and introduces some indicators such as intelligence, safety and silence into the safety standard of household automatic doors. The company has launched magnetic levitation ICU door, magnetic levitation airtight operating room door, magnetic levitation protection door, magnetic levitation sick room door, magnetic levitation household kitchen door, magnetic levitation study and partition door, and special automatic door control equipment for hospitals. These have been used in many hospitals, luxury villas and residences, and has also become the standard preparation of many real estate projects in Shenzhen.

The company has won the participation units of " The Construction Guide of Chinese Hospital", the one of "balance door", the hardware and electromechanical experts of all Chinese Federation of industry and commerce, the national high-tech enterprise, and the director unit of the material Committee of China Interior Decoration Association. Keytex has got 10 national utility model patents and 6 software copyrights. Keytex has taken the Japanese management mode deeply, and hired Mr. Higashi San the director of the technical department of Japanese automatic door association as the technical consultant of our company. We carefully offer high-quality products to play a guiding role in the safe, intelligent and silent improvement of automatic doors in China.

In 2016 Keytex developed wireless modules mainly for smart home, which can use voice platforms such as Baidu and T-mall to control door, lamp, TV, air conditioner, curtain, air purifier, air conditioner, refrigerator and other household appliances. The whole house intelligence has reached the forefront in China.

In 2017 Keytex and MICOM SYETEM of Japan jointly developed intelligent products related to home decoration, such as built-in automatic swing door, automatic folding door, automatic transit door, surface mounted automatic swing door and so on. All the automatic products can be connected with the Keytex’s APP to connect with everything to face 5G era.

In February 2020 the company cooperated with many radiation prevention and purification companies providing up to 300 sets of special automatic doors for hospitals in Wuhan Leishen mountain, Huoshen mountain and CT room of Wuhan fangcang hospital to undertake our social responsibility for the fight against epidemic diseases.

In March 2020 the company developed and produced the air purifier with sterilization, disinfection and deodorization function, which passed the certification of EMC ofCE, LVD of CE, FCC(US), and some directors such as sterilization, removal to formaldehyde,removal to PM2.5 and so on by Guangzhou microbial testing center. It was launched to the market in July 2020, and led to an upsurge of pruchase!

Enjoy the life intellectually, and take the intellectual life, pls. offer our users more simple and more convenient ways, Make people more intelligent!